Sunday, 30 April 2017

Mercy Aigbe Accused Of Sleeping With Politicians , How Husband Beat Her For Refusing To Cook

In the exclusive report by NET, Mercy Aigbe marriage crashed over mutual infidelity, lies, pretense and financial crisis on the part of her husband.

A source close to Mercy Aigbe and her estranged husband has opened up on what led to the recent domestic violence that rocked their marriage.

Here is what the source said:

The source who accused Mercy Aigbe of keeping extra marital affairs with other men especially politicians for financial favour in the course of her marriage to Mr Gentry further said:

Before Mercy Aigbe married her husband, she was aware of his love for pretty young girls. His hotel in Oregun Lagos was a rendezvous of sorts for his flirtations.

Unfortunately for him, the current economic recession has affected his business and he is not as wealthy as he used to be.

According to the family source,

In another twist to what happened on the day she was battered, another source said Lanre Gentry who was tired of Mercy Aigbe’s sudden boldness asked her to make his favourite meal for himself and his friends but the actress who had worked on a movie set all night long turned down his request, citing fatigue and need for more sleep.

Her husband was said to have pounced on her as he had done in the past but Mercy Aigbe who had had enough of the domestic abuse fought back bitterly, lashing out from all the pain and anger of her past years of abuse.

Unsurprisingly, his strength was incomparable to hers and he beat her to coma.

For Mercy who is currently receiving treatment at a private hospital, that was one beating too many.

She has began divorce proceedings which she will complete once she was strong enough to leave her hospital bed.

For now Mercy Aigbe’s family friends have moved her belongings to her apartment in Magodo.

Her mother has left her base in Benin to take care of her daughter and grand children.

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