Sunday, 26 November 2017

Photos: Igbo Man Shares Photos Of Him Sacrificing A Goat Online So Igbos Can Denounce Christianity

A Nigerian man, traditionalist and Facebook user identified as Eziokwu Gadi, who few months ago said online that Jesus Christ is not the son of God and does not exist has taken to the popular social media platform to share photos of the sacrifice he just made at a shrine with a goat for religious cleansing of Igbo land.

Sharing the photos of him at the shrine after he killed the goat he offered as sacrifice on his Facebook page, he wrote;

"More sacrifices as we continue to awake ,appeals and alert the spirits of the Ancients  of the days
(Ndi gboo gbooo) in reconciliation

Still on Evangelization, Promotion,  Restoration of the Igbo/African Tradition, culture,  custom and spirituality, Clearing  over 500 years of Religious menace in our  Ancestral land. We must continue."

Nigerian man
Nigerian man
Nigerian manNigerian man
Nigerian manNigerian man

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