Thursday, 31 August 2017

See Photos Of The Beautiful Russian Woman Facing Death Penalty In Vietnam For Drug Smuggling Cocaine She Said Was Planted In Her Hand Luggage By Her Nigerian Lover"

According to a beautiful 30-year-olds Russian woman named Maria Dapirka, accused of being a cocaine courier facing death penalty in Vietnam, the cocaine was planted in her hand luggage by her Nigerian lover.

It was gathered that Dapirka who was caught with two nylon bags packed with cocaine in her hand baggage, and more wedged inside a magazine, at Ho Chi Minh City's Tan Son Nhat International Airport in August 2014, and already written a 'farewell letter' to her mother, claims she was set up by her lover who posed as a top footballer.

Dapirka's lawyers said though she has accepted she may soon be executed, she still clings on to some hope she will be freed after three years in prison.

Dapirka, who lived in Thailand when she met her lover, known as Nick, was caught with almost 3kg of cocaine by Vietnamese customs on a flight from Singapore. She said the cocaine was planted in her luggage by Nick - or 'Chib Eze', who apparently has a penchant for seducing attractive young women before conning them into carrying drugs.

It was gathered that Dapirka's verdict and sentence was due to be handed down by a Vietnamese judge on Wednesday,  August 30th, in a Ho Chi Minh city court but the session was postponed 'for further investigation' for the fifth time.

Dapirka in a letter to her mother Olga, telling her she was ready for any decision by the court, said;

'Don't worry about me. I am fine. I am ready for any end. 'I hope you will manage to visit me. I've not seen you for four years. I miss you so much! Please take good care of your health."

Her lawyer Sunkar Nurmagambetov said:

" We have received Maria's appeal. She addressed her family and said that she has not lost faith yet but realistically she understands there might be scenarios like a death sentence or life term.'

Before her arrest, she was a keen sportswoman who did not drink or smoke, he said.

"She has had to get used to the new conditions. She is trying to stay as optimistic as she can, but sometimes her mood can be quite low."

Pro-Kremlin news site Mash in Russia published a picture purporting to be 'Nick', the man she accuses of framing her after they met in Thailand. A campaign organized by Maria Dapirka's friends calling for her release alleged that 'a whole criminal syndicate of Nigerian men work in Asia and all around the world, like Maria's so-called boyfriend.

"They make up all sort of stories, win trust, some even marry their potential future drug mules. Maria is not in this alone, there is plenty of girls like her who trust these men."

Olga, her mother, who insisted her daughter was innocent, said;

"I hope Maria will be released because Vietnam has the death penalty for this crime. Maria would not carry cocaine, she has always lived a strictly healthy lifestyle,' said her brother Vadim. She does not eat meat, nor smoke, nor drink and has always said that she thinks all of those things are really disgusting."

Popular tourist destination Vietnam has some of the most severe penalties for drugs offences in the world and people caught with even small quantities of hard drugs are liable to be executed. More than two dozen foreigners are currently facing the death penalty or life imprisonment for drug trafficking offences.

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  1. May, the Vietnam Authority , Please have compassion here.God will reward them. This girl was stuck in naivety and trusting as she trusted her self. Being true to herself, I would not imagine that, she would have thought that a lover can do any thing horrible and wicked, just look at her, she still calls him, her Lover. This is gross naivety, here. Girls please be careful and listen to your spirit. Call for help when you are experiencing norms that are not ethical norms. May the Lord touch the heart of whoever that is passing judgment over this case. Nigerian Boys and Girls, money is not everything in life. Learn to be contented.It is overboard what is happening in quest for money and riches. It takes no one any where, but to destruction!.Surrender to Jesus. Seek ye First the kingdom of God and every other thing would be given unto you. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom! My People, Repent for the kingdom of God is Near! See all that is happening all over the world, Let he/she that have ear hear, what the Spirit of God is Say to us all. My save the soul of Maria, and point her unto Yourself, that Your Name would be Glorified! in Jesus Mighty Name.Amen Spirit Divine intervene in this case by the Fire of the Holy Ghost retrieving this girl out of this deadly situation. Sealed in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Amen! Amen!! & Amen. ( I feel this case, it can be any respectable family's daughter, white or black we are all one in God).


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