Monday, 18 September 2017

Meet 14 Years Old Slayqueen Disturbing Twitter With Semi Unclad Raunchy Photos Of Her

Meet 14 years old South African girl, MLAZI LIL TEEN, a Twitter user @smallwaseNUZ, who has been disturbing the social media platform with unclad, semi-unclad and raunch photos of her for awhile now.

Though many social media users on the platform have called for @smallwaseNUZ that a line on her Twitter Bio reads ‘Follow at your own risk’ account to be closed, she seems unbothered as she posted more raunchy photos of her with the naughty caption: ”Should I pull that up?”

Asking her followers whether they wanted her to pull up her skirt or not. See some of the photos of her she has shared on the platform below that we can share with you as others are not what we can post because of her age and the raunchiness.

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